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Flash animation is not for every web site, but for customers with faster Internet connections it can be very impressive. We will help you in determining if Flash is in the best interests of your customers. We can also implement different degrees of Flash animation such as,

Full Flash sites,
Partial or minimal animation.

Animation brings your website to life.

If your site is plain and static, animation will add user spark to your web pages and gain attention from your visitors. Flash & Shockwave animation for animated introduction pages, animated websites and animation blocks to give your web life.

Flash Introductions and Websites are becoming more and more popular and can give your website an aesthetic edge over your competition. With broadband internet access becoming more and more accessible and affordable the Dial Up industry has been in decline. This opens up new doors and new challenges for internet business owners. Flash is a great way to appeal to the NEW Internet user that now has a lightning fast internet connection.

Flash is best used when there is a real need to deliver rich content. It has a powerful capability of grabbing a user's attention to key areas of a site, like navigation, showcased items, special content, and others. Movies can also be easily delivered within certain areas of the site. Flash is revolutionizing the web design industry, but if animation is overused, the user will begin to tune it out and possibly even leave the site.

We can create any Flash work customized for your needs.