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I need a website, but I don't know where to start ?

How long does it take to have a web site designed?

How much does a web site cost?

What is a domain name?

You don't have to know anything about websites or online marketing to work with us. Taurus Arts offers free consultations on all of our services.
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What makes a terrific Website?

Sure, attractive graphics are appealing but great Web sites are designed at the intersection of your brand message, what your customers are trying to accomplish and what you want them to do. Based on this information and analyzing these factors, the right overall design and technologies can be created and implemented. With every project, we combine a balanced blend of your customers needs with your business requirements, while at the same time providing a measurable return on investment and encompassing your interactive goal.

Every company has a unique set of objectives for their website. Their customers have very specific needs too. The primary goal of a web design firm is to effectively merge those two perspectives together. Imbalances are bad enough, but one without the other just won’t work. So, you can expect us to thoroughly review the needs of your company and its customers before making a recommended path to follow.

Our web development process allows us to understand your vision and produce a website which fits your business.

Step 1. consultation

Our development process begins with a detailed proposal for your project. We will contact you to discuss your plans. After the initial consultation, we will create a detailed proposal for your project and arrange a time to review the proposal with you.

Step 2. plan

Upon accepting our proposal, we will create a detailed outline of your website for your review and approval.

Step 3. concept

Based on our initial consultation, our design team will develop a one page concept design of your website, to provide you with an idea of the look and feel of the final product. You will have the opportunity to suggest changes to the concept prior to production.

Step 4. develop

The development process for websites can vary between 1 and 6 or more weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. Throughout the process, you will be informed about our progress on your project.

Step 5. review

Upon completion of your website, we will upload your work to our server for your review. We will discuss your project with you, and take note of any changes which need to be made prior to launching your website.

Step 6. launch

Upon approval of your final design, we will upload the website to your hosting account.

Step 7. maintain

After the initial development process is over, Taurus Arts provides maintenance on an ongoing basis to our clients to keep their websites fresh and engaging.

LightWeight Web Hosting

Hosting for small sized businesses and personal websites. A lot of hosting, very lightweight price.

  • 50MB Storage Space
  • 5 Pop Email Accounts
  • 1GB Monthly Bandwidth


MiddleWeight Web Hosting

Move up in the world. More storage, transfer, emails and more. Become a middleweight and win.

  • 100MB Storage Space
  • 10 Pop Email Accounts
  • 2GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 1 MySQL databases


HeavyWeight Web Hosting

For corporations and large organizations. All the bells and whistles, and all at a price your company can afford.

  • 300MB Web Space 30 Company Email Accounts
  • 5GB Transfer each month
  • 2 MySQL Databases